Founded in 1980, Hawaii Ballet Theatre is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting and presenting ballet among those in the community who might not be familiar with this performing art.  It has a broad, diverse repertory consisting of eight full-length ballets, seven one-act ballets, and 38 shorter works.  For many years, it has presented a popular series of youth concerts, which has been enjoyed by thousands of elementary school students.

The company’s signature work is its annual presentation of The Nutcracker, which has become a Christmas tradition for Leeward Oahu audiences for more than twenty-five years.  The production involves most of the state’s resident professional dancers, guest artists from the mainland and more than a hundred students from dance studios across the island.  One local reviewer praised its Nutcracker as "grand...full of energy and excitement...does what good ballet should do...leaves us cleansed and ennobled...."

HBT’s colorful history includes performances throughout the islands and a tour to Los Angeles.  It has danced with the Royal Hawaiian Band, the Honolulu Symphony, smaller ensembles.  It has appeared in concert halls and gymnasiums, public parks, the zoo, even over a hotel waterfall.

Charlys Ing has been the company’s artistic director since its founding.  A former principal dancer with the Honolulu City Ballet and (for many years) with HBT, she graduated from Wellesley College and has an M.Ed. from UH Manoa.  Since 1991 she has been the director and senior ballet instructor for Punahou Dance School.

Full-length ballets:
A Midsummer Night's Dream (W. Ige 1981, rechoreog. L. Blake 1990) Mendelssohn
The Nutcracker (W. Ige & C. Ing 1983, rechoreog. L. Blake & C. Ing 1989, 1991) Tchaikovsky
Cinderella (W. Ige, 1984, rechoreog. L. Blake 1995) Prokofiev
Hansel & Gretel (W. Ige & C. Ing 1985) Mahler, Humperdinck, J. Strauss
Coppelia (W. Ige & C. Ing after F. Franklin 1986) Delibes
Alice in Wonderland (L. Blake 1988) Messager, Rossini
Scheherazade (R. Dickinson 1991) Rimsky-Korsakov
Snow White (R. Dickinson 1993) Glasunov

One-act ballets:
A Toyshop Fantasy (adap. "La Boutique Fantasque," W. Ige 1981) Rossini-Resphigi
Pekelo and Pua'a (adap. "Peter & the Wolf," W. Ige 1983) Prokofiev
Gift of the Narcissus (W. Ige 1984) trad. Chinese, Holst
Ka Manu Ahi (The Firebird) (W. Ige & P. Franz 1987, rechoreog. R. Dickinson 1992) Stravinsky
Pinocchio (L. Blake 1989) Rossini-Resphigi, Rossini

Shorter works:
Still (W. Ige 1980, the Commodores), Legend of Papa & Wakea (W. Ige 1981, Beamer), Olomana Suite (E. Morgan 1981, Jerry Santos), Ragamajazz (W. Ige 1983, S. Joplin), Les Patineurs (W. Ige 1983, Meyerbeer), Excerpts from Prince Igor (W. Ige 1985, Borodin), Onyx (L. Blake 1988, Chopin), Strings in G (L. Blake 1989, Debussy), Astaire! (J. Rampage 1989, C. Porter, I. Berlin, others), Star-Spangled Sousa (L. Blake 1991, J. P. Sousa), Prairie Women (J.Rampage 1992, V. Thomson & trad. American), Tango del Barrio (L. Blake 1993, Villoldo, Gould, Piazzola, others)